Using Facebook Lists for ProspectingAre you wondering how to keep up with all of your prospects on Facebook? Not getting as much engagement on you posts as you'd like?

Today's “Techie Tuesday” I'm going to show you how to manage your prospects, engage with them, and even boost your own posts using Facebook Lists.

Creating Your Facebook List:

The first thing you want to do is head to your Facebook feed, scroll down on the left to where it says “Friends” and click the “More” button that pops up next to it.

More button



From there you're going to click “Create” to create a new list. Let's say, for example, you're in Herbalife (I'm not in Herbalife but I'm using as an example) then you would create a new list called “Herbalife Prospects”

Create List



Note: Nobody is going to see this list but you. The people that you add to it are not going to know you added them to a list, so don't worry about whether people are going to see it or not, they won't.

If you are already friends with some people that you want to add to this list, you can add them here. Simply type in their name, click on their picture, and it will add them to the list as soon as it is created.

Networking and Adding People to Your List:

Now that the list is created, you're going to to start networking with people and connecting with people. To do this I like to go to places like Eric Worre's page for Network Marketing Pro because these are professional network marketers.

Note: If you are in Herbalife or a health and wellness company, you can go to health related pages or fitness related pages and do the same thing. That goes for any niche, just pick pages and groups specific to your niche.

Just scroll through and find some comments that you like. After you find someone with a good comment, click through to their profile and see what they look like. Personally I look for someone who's page isn't full of pitches, and looks like a real person. Before you send someone a friend request, I recommend just going through and liking some of their stuff, commenting on some of their stuff, that way you're not a complete stranger when he goes and sees your friend request.

Then just click “Add Friend” and you've sent them a friend request. To add them to your new list, you're going to hover over “Friend Request Sent” and that's going to open up a menu with a couple of your standard lists. Click “Add to Another List”, find the one you just created, click it and it will put a check mark on it. As soon as they accept your friend request, they're going to be added to that list now.

Note: You can also add a new list through this menu. Scroll to the bottom, click “New List” type in what you want to name the list, hit enter and it will do the same thing.

Adding Your New List to Your Favorites:

Usually the last list you create is going to be there under “Friends” hover over your new list and click the little gear, then click “Add to Favorites” If it's not there, click “More” again to go back to your “List of Lists” Click the gear next to the one you want, then click “Add to Favorites” Then the list will be over on the left underneath your favorites, and you won't have to go searching for it every time.

Engaging With Prospects and Boosting Your Posts:

Now that the list is in your favorites section, simply go to it every day. This list is only going to be the people that you have added to it, so you're not going to see your great aunt, Jean, who posts cat videos all day that has nothing to do with your business. You're only going to see people in this list that you are actively prospecting and actively engaging with for your business. Every day come to your list, scroll through, like and comment on these people's posts and that's going to tell Facebook “Hey! These people are engaging with each other, so we want to show them each other's stuff more often!” That means your posts, your blog posts, your videos.. all the stuff you post on Facebook is going to show up in their feed more often now because you're going through liking and commenting on their stuff. If you do this consistently every single day, you're going to start getting more engagement on your own stuff as well due to the way Facebook's algorithm works.

That's it! Create the list, network with some people, add them to the list, like and engage with their stuff, and do that consistently every single day and you'll start getting results in your business.

If you found value please like it, comment on it, let me know what you thought. If you know somebody that can use this training share it with them or tag them in it. I appreciate that, and I know they will as well.

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