Have you ever wondered how to use Google Calendar for home business? Struggling to manage your time wisely and fit in all of your work, family time, and business activities? This post is for you.


Google Calendar for Home BusinessToday I give you a few quick tips to effectively use Google Calendar for home business to help you manage all of the stuff that you've got to do in your daily life, and keep up with the demands of your business as well.

As a single father of two girls, keeping up with a full time job, having a girlfriend, and friends & family that I like spending time with.. this is something that has been very important to me; to be able to manage my schedule and still be able to work in my business when I need to.

Step 1: Prioritize.

To get started, the first thing that you need to do to use Google Calendar for home business is get your priorities together. Things like your work, your family stuff, your business stuff,and all of those kinds of things are what you need to get a priority level on.

For me personally, my job has to take first priority because I can't move around my work schedule to accommodate for other things, so I have to put that in there first and work around it. From my work schedule I go to my family schedule (this would be number one for me if it weren't for work). Things like birthdays, date nights, kids events, family time like movie night.. those are things that you're going to want to put in there next. These are the most important to me and are the the first things that I want to put in there and work around. I'd rather not have my job interfering with those things but since I can't control that.. I'd rather not have other business things and other things interfering with those things either because they're very important to me.

From there you would take company events and training calls and so forth and then your business activities and plug those into the the little free spaces that you've got there.

Step 2: Enter Appointments Into the Calendar.

Obviously you want to put them in the calendar, so you figure out your priorities you put your stuff in there starting
with priority number one. Firstly, like I said your job.. for me it's my job.. to put your job in there then go down to the next priority, your family time.

Put in birthdays, put in family time, put all of those things in there and as you do that you'll start to see little gaps, and you'll enter in the next thing on your priority list like company events.

Regional training events, or big company wide national or international events that you need to make it out to.. you put those in there.

Then you put in your daily method of operation.. your daily activities that that you do in your business every day. Fit those into the open spaces you have left, and that's how you go down your priority list and enter everything that's important to you into your calendar effectively.

Step 3: Stick With It.

As you begin to use Google Calendar for home business, one of the things I like about google calendar is that it will shoot me a notification when the appointment comes up. Whenever you get that notification it's important that you do it when you had it scheduled, otherwise there's no point putting in there in the first place, and people will run all over your schedule.

If you miss an appointment, do your very best to move that appointment either later that day, or at some other point in the week so that it gets done. If it wasn't important and didn't need to get done, it wouldn't have been in there to begin with, so do it at all costs.

Lastly, I also like to go in every sunday and check out my week to make sure I don't have anything interfering and move stuff around as needed.

Setting priorities will help you with rescheduling like that. For example, if you've got a family event that's interfering with the company event, and maybe company events are more important to you for whatever reason, you would say “all right well I need to bump this family event so i can make it to this corporate training.” or vice versa.


I hope that was helpful! If you are wondering how to fit all this stuff in your day and what you're supposed to be doing every day in your business, I have a free giveaway available to download HERE. This is the daily method of operation that I use every day in my business to make sure that i'm hitting all the stuff that I need to every single day to be successful my business, and it's perfect for when you're first learning to use Google Calendar for home business.

If that's something that you're struggling with wonder what to do every day I encourage you to Click Here to download your your free daily method of operation and that will help you out.

Google Calendar for Home Business Success

See you next time!

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