Are you wondering when it's appropriate to send your opportunity link in a Facebook message?

What you should say? How you should pitch it?

Today I'm going to kick off “What Doesn't Work Wednesday” With a prime example of how *not* to do it…


I was on facebook recently and somebody had sent me a friend request. Happens all the time, right? I send friend requests, I get friend requests.. Pretty normal. When I get friend requests I like to reach out to the person and get to know them a little bit.


This is a screenshot I took of a message that I sent out to somebody after they sent me a friend request:

what not to do

They sent me the request on the 13th, I accepted it, and sent the message. I didn't hear from them so I just moved on, but over a week later I get this message back with links to their business opportunity. I said “hey thanks for reaching out, what's up?” and then over a week later they send me links to their business opportunity.
No “hey I'm doing great thanks for asking!”

It was just <BLECH!> here's my opportunity links..

And that's really what it feels like. It feels like you're getting thrown up on, and it doesn't work. It's not effective, nobody is ever like “oh that's cool.. I'll just click on those and go join their business!” That doesn't ever happen, I promise you.

Now don't feel bad if you do this, I used to do it when I first started too. Nearly everybody does it when they're new, right, just understand that it feels like you're throwing up on somebody. They're not going to click your link, they're probably gonna unfriend you and block you. To be honest that's what I would do. I was easy on this guy and was like “hey, is that approach really working for you?” and he said no, so I sent him some information on what I was doing and how approach people better.


So just understand that it doesn’t work, and work to better yourself, find a better way. If that’s something that you’re looking for help with – if you need help marketing your business on Facebook – I’ve got a Facebook Getting Started Cheat Sheet available for download.

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Facebook Getting Started Cheatsheet

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Feel free to reach out to me if you need help with it, I’m happy to help anytime. Message me on Facebook (just don’t send
your opportunity links, lol!) and and I’m happy to help you.

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