Revenue Generating Activites for Network MarketersHave you ever wondered what the Revenue Generating Activities for Network Marketers are? Do you struggle with what you should be doing everyday in your business to get results? Today I'm gonna be talking about revenue generating activities for network marketers.

I know when I first started, and even a long time after I started, I didn't know what my activities should be to generate revenue. I didn't have a step-by-step action plan to follow. So I wanted to share that with you today.

Revenue Generating Activities for Network Marketers

The good news is that there are really only two things that generate revenue in network marketing:

1. Showing your presentation
2. Finding people to show your presentation to (Generating Leads)

That's it.

Those are really the two big revenue generating activities that you need to remember for network marketing successes.

If you have people to show your presentation to, your number one priority should be showing those
people your presentation.

If you ever run out of people to show your presentation to, your number one priority should be finding more people to show your presentation to!

(that's one thing that I help people with is learning how to generate leads online; finding people to talk to using the internet instead of having to go out to Wal-Mart or Taco Bell or hittin' up your second cousin twice removed on your mom's side and trying to figure out if they might want to look at your business presentation!)

If you remember and execute on those two actions alone, you will get results.

Now of course there are other things that you have to do as a home-business owner; right?

You need to put out content, you need to stick around like-minded people to keep your motivation up and your mindset right.. You need to learn new techniques and methods of finding business and generating leads, etc.

If you're wondering how to fit all of these actions into your day, I recommend downloading my “Daily Method of Operation” or “D.M.O.”

It's basically a list of the things that I do every single day, including showing my presentation, generating leads, getting mindset training, skill set training, and and making sure that I still get my Revenue Generating Activities knocked out every single day.


I hope that was helpful! If you are wondering how to fit all this stuff in your day and what you’re supposed to be doing every day in your business, I have a free giveaway available to download HERE. This is the daily method of operation that I use every day in my business to make sure that i’m hitting all the stuff that I need to every single day to be successful my business, and it’s perfect for when you’re first learning Revenue Generating Activities for Network Marketers.

If that’s something that you’re struggling with wonder what to do every day I encourage you to Click Here to download your your free daily method of operation and that will help you out.


Revenue Generating Activities for Network Marketers

See you next time!

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