How to “Get Started Right” in Your New Network Marketing Business Part 2: Getting Set Up & Plugged In!

Hit The Ground Running in Your New Home Business (Part 2 of 2)Okay, last week we learned some very general stuff to help you get started in your new home business on the right foot. Today I want to give you part two of what you should do after you get signed up. Again, this is largely from Eric Worre's book “Go-Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional. Click here to pick it up and read more.

Get Set Up

First you should hit up your back office, make sure your picture and bio are up to date in the system, make sure you're set up for your auto-ship, watch any videos they have there about getting started and getting set up. Also, make sure your bank is set up so when you start earning money you get paid!

Be sure to bookmark your replicated website, your back office, as well as any training and tools sites the company has. You'll be going to these a lot, and you'll want to have your company website on-hand for when you refer people.

Get Plugged In

Be sure to like and follow any and all of the social media profiles and pages that the company has set up. A lot of companies prefer to communicate via social media, so this is the best way to stay up to date on things that are happening within your company.

Join any forums, Facebook groups, or online communities where other reps are hanging out. This is a great place for advice and pointers as well as the best place to go for encouragement if you're feeling beat up! It's important to connect with like-minded people in this industry, and it's a bonus when they are in your company so you don't have to worry about them pitching you all the time.

Look at your company's events calendar and add important events to your own calendar. I also recommend getting registered for the next company training or event in your area as well as any big national or international event for the year. This will give you something to look forward to, a bit of a deadline to hit certain goals so you have some bragging rights when you're there, and it's also a good reason to invite people!

Figure Out How You Get Paid

Lastly, get a basic understanding of how you get paid. It's not important for you to understand every little detail of your comp plan, but watch a video or read a document about it just to get an idea of how it works. As you sponsor more people and make more sales you'll get a better, more detailed understanding of how the comp plan works so don't get hung up on that when you're first starting.Mostly focus on hitting any fast start bonuses the company offers, as well as any promotions they're running that you can offer to prospects (to help you hit the fast start bonuses!)

That's it for today! Short and sweet. Usually an established company will have a series of videos or a checklist or something to help you with most of this, so be on the lookout for that, and keep this process in mind when you sponsor your first few reps!

And don't forget the most important step of all when you get started: TAKE ACTION!

Join me next time when I give you a simple process for inviting someone to view your presentation. It's so simple and “rejection-free” you'll be getting people in front of your offers in no time!

See you then!

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