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It’s no secret that Facebook Live Stream is the new hotness right now. Everyone from your little sister, to Chewbacca Mom, to Gary Vaynerchuk are using it to give us a peek into their lives and also in many cases to skyrocket their personal brand and the reach they have with their audience.

But how can you use Facebook Live Stream as a home business owner?

That’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in today’s blog post, so stick around!

Brands using Facebook live:

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let's take a look at a couple of brands in our industry who are using Facebook live stream well, and get an idea of why it is working for them.

Ray Higdon:

1517695_810332505647145_652288292_nRay Higdon is a HUGE presence in our space, and if you don’t know who he is do yourself a favor and look him up. Basically he’s become such a rock-star in the home business industry because he gives away so much needed and relevant training. Just go take a look at his blog and you’ll undoubtedly find a hand full of things you can go out and do today to get results in your business. (be sure to come back when you’re done!)

Okay, thanks for coming back, haha!

Anyway, Ray has been in the live stream game since Periscope hit the market. He started over there and still does live Periscopes while also doing Facebook Live streams to connect with his audiences on each platform. The way he uses it is to, you guessed it, provide training and value to his audience (and to show off his awesome family and new baby girl, but being a family man myself I think it’s great!)

It works so well for him because he is giving away very valuable information, live to his audience. He has built a reputation for delivering information that will get people results, and they know that when they attend his live stream they are gonna take away a gold nugget. He also always delivers a strong call to action at the end of his streams, which we’ll get to later.

Grant Cardone:

Grant Cardone isn’t necessarily in network marketing, though he does believe in the 303109_10150357769213563_2118051346_nbusiness model and applauds those who are in it for stepping out and becoming entrepreneurial. He is a sales professional, and pretty much THE sales professional. He has written many books on sales techniques, coaches other sales professionals and companies on how to be better sales professionals, and has his own show where he talks about sales, interviews other sales professionals, and provides tips and training as well. I bring him up in this post not only because he’s great at using Facebook Live for his brand, but whether you want to believe it or not, we are in a sales driven industry.

Grant uses Facebook Live Stream all the time, whether it be to pop in for a quick stream and see how his audience is doing or streaming his show live. Although he doesn’t always have a call to action at the end of all his videos, he gets massive exposure by giving away valuable on his stream, and getting people interested in his brand with his explosive personality. If you’ve read any of his books, this is what he is about; getting massive exposure, and Facebook Live is a fantastic way to do that (I’ll give you an example of why with some of my streams as well)

Do you notice a pattern here?

I do. These guys go live consistently and when they do they bring MASSIVE value to the table in the form of  free and useful information. This is stuff that their audience needs and is actually willing to pay for, and they are just giving it away for free. You’ll notice a lot of people in industries related to ours like Gary Vee and Brendon Burchard also doing this, and you should too!

In short: Go Live, Be Yourself, Provide Value, Be Consistent.

That’s it! Post complete!

Haha, kidding! I could end it there but I want to give you some more practical info first.

A Personal Study and Example:

So now that you know that important brands are using Facebook Live Stream, and have a basic framework for going live yourself; here is the reason why they are doing it and why you need to start…

Audience Reach.

Seriously. Facebook Live reach is incredible. I post regularly on my fan page, and I’m still fairly new to online marketing so I only reach about 20-30 people per post. I started doing Facebook Live streams at first, and even though I didn’t have many people join the actual livestream (yet), the reach on the videos consistently climbs into the 100-200 people range. Can you imagine after a year or so of consistently streaming, building your fan page, connecting with your audience… what that will look like then?

Well, hopping over to Ray’s page, he has over 10,000 views on several of his videos.

Ray Vids.png

In checking out Grant’s page, he has over 40,000 views on several of his live streams.

Grant Vids.png

How would your business be different if you had over 40,000 people regularly viewing your content?

That’s powerful.

Awesome. Now you know that the big dawgs are using Facebook Live, why they’re using it, and how much of an impact it can have in your business when used correctly; but how do you do it?

That’s the easy part.

How to use Facebook live on business pages:

I’m only going to cover using FB Live streaming from your fan page, because I strongly recommend running your business through a fan page rather than your personal page. If you need help creating a fan page, contact me and I will help you.

There are a couple of ways you can go live using your fan page. The first is the easiest and most common, and that is to use the Pages Manager app (Android Link, iPhone Link)

After you’ve got the app installed on your phone and you’re logged into your fan page, all you do is..

  1. Tap the “Post” button, then fill in the details about the stream as if you are writing a regular post
  2. Down below, tap “Go Live”
  3. From there you’ll have a chance to preview the camera, make sure everything looks good, double check the description, etc.
  4. From there just tap “Go Live” once more, you’ll get a countdown from 3, and VOILA! You’re LIVE!

Go Live (1).png

Pretty Simple right?

The second way is from your desktop, and it’s quite a bit more involved. I will save a full video on how to do that another time. For now, go shoot a live video with your phone!

A few things to consider before you go live:

  • Connection. Do you have a good internet connection? Wifi? Strong Cell Signal?
  • Lighting. Can people see your face clearly? Is it too dark?
  • Background. What’s behind you? Anything distracting or offensive? Any loud background noise?
  • Call to action. What is the goal of your live stream? Do you want the viewer to contact you? Comment? Opt-In to a capture page? Have a clear goal in mind before you go live.

Lastly I’ll say this: Just do it. Go live on your personal page first just to get your feet wet if you’re nervous. That way you don’t have to worry as much about the stuff I mentioned above, just go live and shoot the breeze with whoever comes on. I guarantee that after you do your very first one you’ll realize it’s no big deal and it will be easy sailing from there on out.

If you want to learn more about using Facebook Live Stream for your business, click the link below and I’ll give you free access to a 15-Page PDF along with an 82 minute training video taking you through every nook and cranny of going live; including exactly how to use it to generate leads for your home business.

Click HERE to access the free training

facebook live stream leads

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