Chunking Tasks for Network Marketing SuccessWondering how to get things done in a tight schedule? Do you sometimes have less time during the week to work on your business, and larger chunks of time on the weekend?

Today I'm going to share with you something that that I learned from Tim Ferriss. It has been helping me quite a bit with saving time on things, doing things more effectively, and more effectively manage my time. It's called is “chunking” or “batching” tasks, and what that means is taking similar tasks or even several tasks that are the same (like making videos or writing blog posts) and chunking them all together to do them all at the same time.



Here are a few tips to get you started with this:

  • One of the processes that I used early on was was to take a look at all the stuff that you have to do, and and basically put it all out on a list.
  • From there you find similar tasks, or tasks that can be done easily together, and group them together into a “chunk”.. things like cleaning the kitchen and folding laundry or even just house chores in general. As far as business goes, things like making videos or prospecting are all things that you can “chunk” together.
  • Some of you may notice that in several of my videos i'm wearing the same shirt. Sometimes it's just a coincidence, but typically it's because I'm shooting them all on the same day because I'm chunking my videos together. Then I'll release them throughout the week to help with maximizing the chunks of time I have on the weekends to do that sort of thing.
  • From there you want to block out these chunks of time in your calendar. (check out my previous post where I talked about using google calendar to schedule things that are important to you as a network marketer)
  • Finally, all you gotta do now is to stick with it. When those things come up on your calendar you absolutely need to do them, especially if you're holding off on tasks throughout longer periods of time (like throughout the week or throughout the month) If it's a bigger task and you skip over your chunking period for it, they will get out of hand. Which brings me to the the downside of this method: You can't skip these chunks, otherwise it will get out of hand pretty quick, especially if you wait untill the next time you have allotted to do those things. Definitely stick with it and make sure you do your chunks when you have them scheduled!

Now – if you're curious about what steps to take every single day in your business, go download my daily method of operation.

DMO Download


This is a list of actions that you can sit down in one of your chunks of time every day, and work from top to bottom to make sure you're taking the right actions to see results in your business.

See you next time!

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